Information Presented at the March 26th 2022 Public Consultation

26th March Community Building Slides

For summary of the consultation, please click here.

Previous Information – Circa January 2020.

Shop & Hall Usage Questionnaire 

During December 2019 and early January 2020, members of the Community Building Committee tried to deliver and then collect completed questionnaires from all homes in the parish.  The aim was collect data to support the planning application and then grant applications to help with the build.

Please find below copies of the original letter supplied with the questionnaires, and then both the Adult and Young Persons versions of the questionnaires.

Questionnaire letter 2019
Questionnaire – adult
Questionnaire – young people

Consultation October 2019

There was a consultation day held on 12th October 2019 in the Village Hall.  The information can be found below.  In time, all of the redacted feedback forms will also be available here.

Consultation Information Pack

Feedback Form

A selection of videos from the preferred builders: videos

Please note, the summary of the feedback is available here as an appendix to the Dec 2020 meeting of the Community Building Committee.

Consultation November 2018

There was a consultation day held on 17th November 2018 in the Village Hall.  If you didn’t have a chance to attend, or would like to see the materials displayed, please have a look at the following document:

Community Hall Project Consultation

Feedback forms for the Consultation can be found below:
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Previous information:

There has much work been done to explore options of a new shop, a new village hall, and a combined village hall/shop.  Currently there are five potential locations:  the Rec (two possible locations), The Glebe field, the current location of the village hall and The Park.  A well-attended consultation evening was held on 10th February 2017 with further follow-up encouraged for the weeks that followed.

Please download the materials shown and discussed here.