In recent years, there have been calls on the Parish Council to better use the land adjacent to the village hall, known as The Park. This land is currently split in three parts. One part remains unused, whilst the other two parts are tenanted for the grazing of horses and the keeping of chickens. It was resolved previously to allocate some of The Park for use by the primary school.

The Park is approx. 9,000sqm which is leased for 999y to the Parish Council and allows community buildings to be built as part of this lease. The Park has very few neighbours, and is backed onto by both the school and the Church burial ground. The train line runs along the west hand side and can be accessed currently via an entrance on Cross Keys Road by passing the Village Hall. Please see outline map below:

Park Project Committee

Stage 1 Report – Issued December 2022

12 December 2022 Meeting Agenda – 7pm at the Village Hall

28 November 2022 Report to SSPC

14 November 2022 Meeting Agenda – 7pm at the Village Hall

31 October Report to SSPC

24 October Progress Report

Working Group meeting of 31 August 2022: Part A; Part BPart C

Meeting of 1 August 2022

Information Presented at the March 26th 2022 Public Consultation

The Park – Parish Council Slides

Community Garden Plan & Notes

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Please see below for all other information previously presented.

Previous Information – Circa January 2022.

During the latter half of 2021 two plans were drawn up with how best to use The Park.  Under the terms of our lease, the Park can be used for “community use to extend to amenity use, a community shop, car parking, the grazing of animals, any agricultural, equestrian or conservation uses, a burial ground/cemetery and other communal uses only to include, but not be exclusive to, building a new Village Hall (possibly also including a community shop) and associated car park on the Park, with the necessary access way or ways for vehicles to /from the nearby highway and establishing community playground and/or sports field on the Park,
possibly with an associated pavilion”.  Any usage beyond this definition would require an amendment to the lease with permission from the Freeholder of the land.

Currently there are two plans proposed for future use of The Park which have been published: one from South Stoke Wildlife Conservation Group and one from Cllr P Wortley.

The community has been encourage to send comments on both proposals to the Council, these collated comments can be viewed here.

The next phase is for both proposals to be discussed and considered by the Parish Council in the next full council meeting to be held on the 18th January 2022.