Advertisements are carried and advertisers are encouraged to consider size constraints when designing adverts to ensure that words can be easily read. Advertisements for local charities are free of charge and will be printed if space permits. Terms and conditions are available here.  Classified small ads and notices for residents of the parish are carried free of charge.

Advertising rates for commercial organisations are as follows:

  • Full page adverts, 27cm high by 19cm wide, £42 for one edition, £210 for 6 editions.
  • Half page adverts, landscape 13.5cm high by 19cm wide, portrait 27cm high by 9.4cm wide, £22 for one edition, £110 for 6 editions.
  • Quarter page adverts, 13.5cm high by 9.4cm wide, cost £12 for one edition, £60 for 6 editions.
  • Eighth page adverts, 6.75 cm high by 9.4cm wide, cost £6.50 for one edition, £32.50 for 6 editions.

We can take most normal formats for your advert from hi-definition graphics to simple word documents.  We need copy by approximately the 20th of the month for inclusion in the next edition.  Advertisers taking a 6 month run may change their advert provided the revised advert is provided by the copy date.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure that any information given is correct, the South Stoke Newsletter and South Stoke Parish Council do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of such information or the consequences of relying on it. Any views expressed are those of the contributor at the time of submission.

Download newsletters here.  These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are subject to copyright.