Railway Works

Network Rail are upgrading the tracks which pass through South Stoke.

Table below shows details of when works will be taking place

For further details you can contact Network Rail by calling the dedicated National Helpline  on 03457 11 41 41 or by visiting www.networkrail.co.uk/contactus

Cholsey Repair Cafe

Cholsey Repair Café – and others

Following the established formula “third Saturday of odd-numbered months”, Cholsey Repair Café returns again on 20th May at the Cholsey Pavilion. Doors will be open from 11.00 to 13.40 and a wide variety of ‘broken’ items can be examined and, hopefully repaired. Volunteer fixers offer advice and repairs free, although a donation towards our running costs is welcome and spare parts need to be paid for. Our website www.cholseyrepaircafe.com will tell you more.

Readers might like to know that Goring Repair Café recently ran a successful first session at Goring Village Hall and plans to repeat on the first Saturday of even-numbered months, making 3rd June their next event.

The Riverside Repair Café is now established in Wallingford and opens on the third Saturday of even-numbered months: as you read this, the next event will be on 17th June. Further details appear in Round and About magazine or you can search for RiversideRepairCafe on Facebook.

Good luck with remembering the ‘formulae’ and do try to get into the habit of attempting to repair before you throw away.

Parish Council Election – 4 May 2023

‘notice of result of uncontested election’ which is published below.
The number of persons elected is short of the number of seats on the council, but enough persons have been elected to constitute a quorum (i.e. one third of the whole number of members, subject to a minimum of three). The newly elected members should therefore co-opt persons to fill the remaining vacancy or vacancies. The council may do this at a parish council meeting after Tuesday 9 May 2023. It is good practice to advertise for expressions of interest in being co-opted. There is no requirement to advertise a notice of vacancy as you would for a casual vacancy.

The Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils has produced a good practice guide for selecting co-optees which is available in the Members Area of its website www.oalc.org.uk

Flood Alerts for Oxfordshire

Please find below the latest information on flooding picture for the County, following heavy rain over the past few days we now have a large number of flood alerts that have come on over the past 24 hours these are detailed below, we continue to monitor the situation and are getting regular updates from the Environment Agency.


Please see below key points for the Thames Valley and Oxfordshire.


The Flood page on the OCC Public website was activated Yesterday and will be updated later https://news.oxfordshire.gov.uk/spring-rainfall-and-river-levels-in-oxfordshire/


We will continue to get OCC comms to tweet messages and OFRS social media pages will have any updated flood warnings added.


Property Flooding can be reported through www.oxfordshirefloodtoolkit.com  or telephone Tel: 0345 310 1111


We still have high levels on many of our rivers due to the rain we experienced Thursday and Friday. The next few days continue to look dry. River Levels at the bottom of our larger catchments and all along the Thames are continuing to rise. River levels are very close to a flood warning being issued for the Abingdon area along the River Ock, we expect that properties in this area have come very close to flooding this morning. We do not expect to river levels to come this close flooding further property in other locations.


  • We had widespread flood alerts issued yesterday due to heavy persistent rainfall on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.
  • The last 24 hours have seen a couple of locations receive up to 9 mm of rain, but the majority of our rain gauges saw less than 1mm of rain.
  • The top reaches of most of our rivers have seen levels recede.
  • The middle parts of most all of our rivers (excluding the Thames) have either stabilised or seen water levels begin to fall.
  • We are still seeing levels rise at the bottom of our rivers. Including: River Cherwell, River Ray, River Evenlode, River Windrush, River Loddon, River Kennet, River Thame, and the River Ock. For most of these rivers it will mean that flooding of low laying land and roads will continue, but we are not expecting property flooding.
  • The exception to this is the River Ock through Abingdon. River levels here are near to the property flooding threshold (within a couple of cm), therefore it is possible that a few properties have experienced property flooding. Certainly they will have water in their gardens and close to their homes.
  • The River Thames is high along its length and still rising slowly in most places. We will continue to monitor this and inform you of any impacts expected (Beyond low lying fields, footpaths and roads).


  • The Jubilee River is in operation with the 3 gate movements being undertaken yesterday – please note that the Flood alert for that area along the Thames went out this yesterday due to automated systems, this does not follow our normal procedure to not issue that alert until the Jubilee is being used to a higher capacity. We are aiming to undertake gate movements to reduce the levels on the River Thames in this area with an ambition to remove the alert soon.


There are now 36 Flood Alerts and 0 Flood Warnings in force across the Thames Valley LRF area (Potential for 1 warning to be issued today)

For all the latest Alerts and Warnings in force please visit our website here

20MPH Consultation Public Notice.

South Stoke 20mph Speed Limit – PUBLIC NOTICE

NOTICE is given that Oxfordshire County Council proposes to make the above order
under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and all other enabling powers.
The effect of the order in support of road safety issues is to introduce a 20mph
speed limit throughout South Stoke replacing the existing 30mph speed limit in its
entirety in the process – leading outwards to the following points:
1. B4009 Wallingford Road:
a. Northern end – a point 230 metres north of its junction with Ferry Road,
b. Southern end – a point 65 metres south of its junction with South Bank.
2. Woodcote Road – a point 140 metres east of its junction with the B4009
Wallingford Road,
The Oxfordshire County Council (Restricted Roads) (South Stoke Parish) Order
1999 will be revoked/replaced as necessary.
Documents giving more details of the proposals are available for public inspection
online by visiting: https://letstalk.oxfordshire.gov.uk Copies may be made available
on request.
Objections to the proposals and other representations specifying the grounds on which
they are made may be sent in writing to the address below by 28 April 2023. The
Council will consider objections and representations received in response to this
Notice. They may be disseminated widely for these purposes and made available to
the public.
Traffic Regulation Team (Ref: CM/12.6.356) for the Director for Environment & Place,
Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND.
(Email: christian.mauz@oxfordshire.gov.uk, Telephone: 0345 310 1111)

Consultation details are attached below.

Get election ready – check your voter registration and ID before it’s too late

People across South Oxfordshire are being urged to check that they are ready for the upcoming elections.

On Thursday 4 May, residents will go to the polls to choose local councillors who will make decisions on important issues, such as where we should focus our efforts locally to help tackle climate change, where and how new housing gets built, how we work to ensure there’s enough affordable housing and much more.

As we get closer to polling day, there are four key things people need to know:

  • Everyone aged 18 or over who is eligible can vote in the local elections, but you must be registered at your current address by midnight on 17 April – if you need to register, apply now at gov.uk/registertovote.
  • If you intend to vote at a polling station on 4 May, you must bring valid photo ID with you. This is a new requirement, introduced by the UK Government which will be in force for the local elections. To find out which ID you can use, visit electoralcommission.org.uk/voterID.
  • If you don’t have the accepted photo ID, you need to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate which is free of charge – visit electoralcommission.org.uk/voterID.  Please note – if you need to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate, you must do so by 5pm on 25 April.
  • If you can’t make it to the polling station on 4 May – you can apply to vote by post – the deadline for postal vote applications is 5pm on 18 April, or you can apply to allow someone else to vote on your behalf, this is known as a proxy vote. The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm on 25 April.  To find out how to apply for a postal or proxy vote, visit southoxon.gov.uk/localelections2023

Notice of Election

Election 2023

May 2023 will be our next parish council election. The Pre-Election Period (PEP) has now started, the notice of election, which is posted here, as well as the parish noticeboard.

For those wishing to become a councillor, you can check eligibility information on the Electoral Commission Website and access all the relevant forms.

More specifically the nomination form can be found here if you wish to get a head start.

This should be printed single sided, due to the way SODC file the separate parts of form.

For copies of the Notice of Election please see below

Notice of Election – District Council

Notice of Election – Parish Council

Recycling centres briefly closing

If you’re planning to use one the SODC household waste recycling centres in March or April, check our website first – a series of short closures are being planned for essential work.

Check the dates

DIY waste charges to increase

The cost of getting rid of non-household (DIY) waste at SODC recycling centres will be changing from Saturday 1 April. For a full list of the new charges, visit our website.

Find out more

Know what colour Bin to put out this week?

We have now added a link to South Oxfordshire’s BinZone

This is a feature to check on the weekly schedule of Bins to be emptied and what rubbish can be placed in which bin

We hope this helps