Waste Services Survey

SODC Waste Services  have recently launched a survey to find out what residents think about waste and recycling services, this includes household waste, recycling and food waste collections, bulky waste collections, street cleaning services, customer services and the councils’ waste and recycling information.


20MPH Consultation Public Notice.

South Stoke 20mph Speed Limit – PUBLIC NOTICE

NOTICE is given that Oxfordshire County Council proposes to make the above order
under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and all other enabling powers.
The effect of the order in support of road safety issues is to introduce a 20mph
speed limit throughout South Stoke replacing the existing 30mph speed limit in its
entirety in the process – leading outwards to the following points:
1. B4009 Wallingford Road:
a. Northern end – a point 230 metres north of its junction with Ferry Road,
b. Southern end – a point 65 metres south of its junction with South Bank.
2. Woodcote Road – a point 140 metres east of its junction with the B4009
Wallingford Road,
The Oxfordshire County Council (Restricted Roads) (South Stoke Parish) Order
1999 will be revoked/replaced as necessary.
Documents giving more details of the proposals are available for public inspection
online by visiting: https://letstalk.oxfordshire.gov.uk Copies may be made available
on request.
Objections to the proposals and other representations specifying the grounds on which
they are made may be sent in writing to the address below by 28 April 2023. The
Council will consider objections and representations received in response to this
Notice. They may be disseminated widely for these purposes and made available to
the public.
Traffic Regulation Team (Ref: CM/12.6.356) for the Director for Environment & Place,
Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND.
(Email: christian.mauz@oxfordshire.gov.uk, Telephone: 0345 310 1111)

Consultation details are attached below.