Amenities Charity

The Amenities Charity is the body charged with administering a Charity, the aims of which are to provide both a Village Hall and a Recreation Ground for the benefit of the Parish of South Stoke.  Committee Members are all volunteers, and we try to ensure that there is representation of the users of these facilities, but at the end of the day we have to rely heavily on a few people who offer their help.

Registered Charity Number:  1070423
Charity Commission 1997 document merging Village Hall and Recreation Ground Charities

The current committee members are:

Acting Chairman
Dave Lucas

07785 703023

Sally Woodall


Management Committee / Trustees
David Lucas (Acting Chair & Village Hall Steward)
Sally Woodall (Secretary)
Ann Powell (Village Hall Bookings Secretary and representative for the WI)
Phil Wortley (representative for the Parish Council)
Mark Chadwick (Recreation Ground Steward)
Selina Bond (Representative of the Village Hall users)

Mark Taylor (Bookkeeper and 200 Club Trustee)

Robert Small (200 Club Trustee)

The Amenities Charity does its best to keep expenditure to a minimum, but we are reliant on an annual subsidy from the South Stoke Parish Council in order to keep our facilities going.  Therefore, all extra income that we can derive from Hall and Recreation Ground hire, as well as our own fund-raising efforts (including the 200 Club) we are able to do that little bit more to keep the Hall and the Rec to be enjoyed by all.  Please help us as much as you can!