Minutes and agendas

Meetings for 2019-2020

Future Meeting Dates:

The South Stoke High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) Policy is currently activated.  There will be no further council or committee meetings until:

  • The imminent threat of infection in the Parish of South Stoke has passed and
  • A minimum of 4 councillors have requested public meetings be recommenced and
  • The government of the United Kingdom has reinstated all public meetings.

The work of the council continues under a scheme of delegation as per the HCID policy.   The table below documents the decisions made by the council under the scheme of delegation.

Where public comment has been invited, please email the council on Comments@SouthStoke.org.uk, including the reference number for the decision to be made, for example "2020/03/001" to make your representation prior to the target decision date.

Agendas & Minutes

March 16th 2020
Parish Council Meeting, 7:30pm, South Stoke Village Hall
Agenda,AppendicesDRAFT Minutes

March 02nd 2020
Community Building Committee, 7:30pm, South Stoke Village Hall


For Agenda, Minutes and Appendices of previous meetings, see the relevant year below.

For minutes or agendas of prior meetings, please contact the Clerk at Clerk@SouthStoke.org.uk