Housing Development Project

A second Parishioner Consultation was held Saturday 4th March 2017, 10 am to 4 pm open day in the Village Hall.

Following the first parishioner consultation in the Autumn of 2015, when the majority of villagers expressed enthusiasm for additional housing in the village, the Parish Council sub-committee for this project – the SSHDP Steering Group (SG) – has been working with land-owners and other relevant organisations to come up with some potential options.  These are the subject of this second consultation, and it is intended that the results of the exit poll will form the support for recommendations that the SG will make to the Parish Council and the major land-owner concerned.

To view or download a copy of the presentation charts used,  please click here.

If you haven't yet, make your views known.  Please download and complete a questionnaire here.  Forms must include name and address in South Stoke, or will not be included in the tally (though comments will be included in the reporting).  Completed forms can be scanned and e-mailed, or delivered to:

- the Village Shop
- the Perch and Pike or at one or other of the Steering Group Member's houses i.e.:
- Ian Haslam (Kates Cottage, The Street),
- Stuart McKay (Devonshire House, The Street),
- Diana Hathaway (9 Glebe Cottages, Wallingford Rd),
- Phil Wortley (Cavendish Cottage, Ferry Rd),
- Neil Proctor (The Malt House, The Street)
- Roy McMillan (By-field, Cross Keys Rd)

The absolute final date for this drop-off will be Friday 7th April.

Any other comments or suggestions will be welcomed and should be sent to the Chairman of the Parish Council and/or the Clerk.

Cllr Roy McMillan, Chairman, South Stoke Parish Council at: roy@rmcmillan.com.
Sue Gill, Clerk, South Stoke Parish Council at: clerk@southstoke.org.uk