The parish council must publish a number of items related to its financial activities each year.  The most recent can be found below, plus the archive from previous years.

Each month the Payments and Receipts reports, as well as the summary of the reconciled bank accounts are also published as part of the meeting appendices.

Year Audit Documents Accompanying Audit Reports Annual Reports for SODC
2020-2021 Unaudited &_Signed Accounts
Electronic Version of Accounts
Notice of Public Rights
Conclusion of Audit (Later in year)
Variances Report
Asset Register
Bank Reconciliation
Earmarked Reserves
Reserves Explanation
Awaiting Publication
2019-2020 Audited, Signed Accounts
Internal Audit Report
Notice of Public Rights
Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Variances Report Asset Register
Bank Reconciliation Earmarked Reserves
2018-2019 Audited Accounts CIL_Report
2017-2018 Audited Accounts
2016-2017 Audited Accounts 


CIL Reports

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is raised against new developments by the district council (SODC).  The parish council receives a portion of this.  The parish council must report yearly how much has been received, and how much has been spent.  CIL must be spent within 5 years of receiving it.

More information can be found on CIL on the government website.


S137 Grant Reports

The Local Government Act 1972, s137, gives the Council the power to “incur expenditure which in their opinion is in the interests of and will bring direct benefit to their area or any part of it or all or some of its inhabitants…….".  Each year there is a limit on how much can be given, and is based on a figure per elector in the Parish.  For the year 2020/2021 this figure is £8.32 per elector.

Any monies spent using S137 must be accounted for under its own heading in the budget.