COVID19 Support and Advice

Support for local People in the COVID-19 crisis

NOTE: In line with the recent government guidance regarding Shielding to be paused from 1st August, and increased relaxation of lock-down measures, SSPC COVID-19 response will be paused from the 31st July 2020.  If at any time lock-down due to COVID-19 is enforced again, the scheme will restart in its current form.

If you are at home and feel that you have contracted COVID-19 please check the NHS website for current advice as to what to do next.  For all other medical emergencies call 999.

FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE RECEIVED A LETTER FROM THE NHS BECAUSE YOU ARE VERY HIGH RISK or ‘SHIELDED’ – You will have received separate information and advice (including a phone number to call) in the letter from the NHS. Please refer to that letter in the first instance.

For all other support whilst you are in isolation please read on.

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For all other  advice and support.

If you are isolating, it is OK to ask for help

Speak with family and friends if they live locally to you.  You may feel more comfortable getting help from someone you know personally.

South Stoke Parish Council


South Stoke Parish council has facilitated the community to set up a group of volunteers to support our community.  A postcard has been delivered to every home in the parish giving each home two contact numbers, a community volunteer contact number and the phone number of the Clerk.   Either can be used to arrange help for isolating residents of our village.

SSPC is also:

  • Collating the data of volunteers and local residents who need help in a database* to inform the authorities and or local volunteers to ensure help reaches those who need it as fast as possible
  • Ensuring that anyone who volunteers for tasks that may require them to attend to something for the vulnerable or to enter someone’s house will be DBS checked and safeguarding trained before their services as a volunteer are used.
  • Issue ID cards to all such volunteers.

Up to date information will be available on the Parish website ( We will also communicate through Genie regularly so please sign up, at least during this crisis, at:

To become an SSPC Volunteer, please contact the Clerk and the volunteer coordinator will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

South Oxfordshire District Council Community Support

Phone: 01235 422600

For anyone who does not feel they have a support network around them.

Oxfordshire County Council Support

OCC also has a page of useful information and links to use during this time.


This document does not purport to cover ALL of these organisations responsibilities, purely the roles they are undertaking in regards to the public facing response to COVID-19 in the Parish of South Stoke.

Please note this may change over time as the crisis develops and government positions change so check the date of this page to see when it was last updated.

* All data will be held on a secure database held by the SSPC which is GDPR compliant. By giving your details you are consenting that your information can be used for the COVID-19 crisis. This database will be deleted after the crisis is over.